Junk Report: Thrift Slump :(

I don't know if it's me, the seemingly never-ending winter affecting everyone, or the thrift stores themselves but it sure does seem difficult lately to find good junk at good prices.  I'm hoping that upcoming estate sales will be better.  Just this week I was waxing nostalgic about all the fun vintage finds that could be had for mere pennies ten or fifteen years ago.  Cue me shaking my imaginary cane in anger.  ;)  I am definitely in a thrift slump!!

Anyhoo.  Here is what I found this week:

Tall globe for my kitchen cabinet collection (I'll show a pic sometime), garden gnome that was apparently a gift for someone's wedding anniversary in the '70s (!), embroidered pillow for my couch, owl plaque, yellow gravy boat, mid century kitchen utensils, and select-a-size bag for the Etsy shop.

Let's see a close up of that gnome:

Tee hee!!  He will be adorable on the patio this summer.  Or he'll murder someone.  One of the two.

I also found this gorgeous framed flower picture for my living room at a generally overpriced antique mall (terrible pic, sorry!):

And here are a few buys from the last month or so that I'm hoping to get in the Etsy shop this week:

Happy Thrifting!!  :) Linking up with a living space's The Nifty Thrifty.


Marty said…
Hi! Really cool finds you have! I especially love the pillow and the framed flower picture--it's stunning. Please stop by my blog sometime if you're so inclined! :)

We're having a bit of a thrift slump here in Indy as well! Probably the weather. I do love that floral picture!
Marium said…
Fabulous finds for a slump! I love the globe and that floral picture. I'll definitely check out your shop!
Thanks for visiting and for the kind words!! :) The flower picture really is lovely- wish I could've taken a better shot!
Tammy said…
Your mother had an enormous collection of owl things at one time, just so you know. I'm sure she moved them out though. Also I have a wooden candle holder exactly like the one in the picture. I went and looked to see if mine was still there.....
Auntie- I remember the owls! Just goes to show that everything is a recycled trend. I haven't started pinching things from your house...yet. Muahahaha!! Keep your eyes open... ;)
Danavee said…
Eeeeeekkkk! I'm dying over your floral print! Following now! Yay for new Springfield friends!

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