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Dacyczyn Interviews: Laura

I tracked down the Dacyczyn daughters to see how growing up in the Tightwad household impacted them.See Jamie's interviews here and here and Rebecca's interview here.

Laura is the youngest Dacyczyn daughter.  When I initially wrote her to ask for her participation in the interviews, she sent me this thoughtful response:
Growing up in the Tightwad household certainly impacted me in unique ways. It is interesting to me to hear how others thought I was raised and how many thought my mother’s extreme frugality would influence me growing up. I was very young during the peak of my mother's success and did not learn till I was older what some people thought I 'endured'. I would like people to know what it was really like growing up with frugality and that I was not deprived, malnourished, or unloved. I had an amazing childhood that I would not trade for anything in the world, and I would like people to know that children, even more so than adults, do not require …

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