Frugal Adventures

* Uploaded an Aldi receipt to the Checkout 51 app where I received .25 for buying grapes.  I don't purchase most of the brands that are available as rebates on that app but there's almost always a .25 fruit or vegetable option that I can redeem.

* I've been focusing on cooking at home.  I made chicken stock in the crock pot, egg salad sandwiches, Spaghetti Pasta Salad,  Homemade Mac and Cheese, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

* Took pictures of a couple of items and listed them on Craigslist.  If they don't move there, I'll put them in the flea market booth where I'm pretty sure they will sell.

* Purchased a treadmill second-hand from Play It Again Sports which they delivered and set up.  And that seemed to be very unpleasant, so it was definitely worth the delivery fee!!  Buying used was much cheaper than new and so far I'm really enjoying (and using) it.

* I finally needed to purchase some printer ink from Staples which meant it was also time to recycle  some spent ink cartridges.  I just received a $14 Staples rewards coupon from the recycling and will likely use it to purchase an SD card for my video camera.  I have another ten cartridges that I will recycle soon as well and will likely put that reward towards buying a 2017 planner.

* Revised my budget and hand-printed it on card stock so I can hang it on the wall.  I'm getting ready to buckle down and be ultra frugal to bump up my savings before I start school.  I'm working on not making any impulse buys and thinking through EVERY purchase.

* Speaking of debating every purchase- I was considering buying a pair of knee-high boots off of Ebay.  I had money in my Paypal account, they weren't expensive, justification, justification, justification.  But I realized that I don't even OWN any wintery dresses or skirts and do not, in fact, need any boots.  I passed on that purchase.  

* I trimmed back the flowers in my front flower bed in the hopes that they return again next year.

* Returned an item that didn't fit and received ~$16 back.  I rarely need to make returns and find them annoying, but I wasn't going to waste $16.

* Received a $16 check from credit card rewards and deposited it into my savings account.

* It's been slightly cooler so I haven't had to run the air conditioning quite as much.  This month's utility bill was $20 cheaper than last month's bill as a result.  

* Used $6 in credit card rewards and applied it toward my $10 Netflix bill.  

What have you been up to?


MrsSpock said…
If you have straight arms on your new treadmill,you can easily turn it into a treadmill desk by using a board or the top of a stair step from Home Depot. That's what we did. I set my laptop on top of it and surf the internet, do homework, read, or watch moving while walking. I move my laptop to our dining table when I am done. We have a large monitor attached to our wall on two extendable arms,and I attach my laptop to that to get a better viewing screen, but it's not necessary. We built this almost 6 years ago, and I walk on it every day still,as it seems binging on Netflix is my best motivation for treadmill time.

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