Frugal Adventures

* My coworker offered to loan me the Harry Potter movies.  While I have read all of the books, I have only seen (and own, actually) the final two movies as they came out in the theater around the time that I was initially reading the books.  I have been very excited to watch these!

* Received a $10 off $10 purchase coupon from Plant Therapy because I haven't ordered anything in over a year.  Purchased a tin of beard balm for .95 and will use this as part of a gift.

* Went through the books that the used bookstore didn't want to see if any of them were selling on Amazon for more than one cent.  One of them was selling for $4+ so I listed it.  The others were tagged and put in my booth for $1 or $2 each.

* Quit applying to grad schools, which saves me the application fee ($60+ per application) plus the fees for sending transcripts ($20.25 for both transcripts for EACH application that I sent).  Yikes!

* I need to purchase some shoes for work (I am hard on shoes and wear them out quickly).  I found a pair of black booties by Dansko on but they were too expensive.  Looked on Ebay and found them for $20 less.  The Ebay listing had a best offer option, so I offered $5 less than the asking price and the seller accepted my offer!  This means that the total was a $25 savings.

* Used Schoola for the first time to purchase several clothing items for $4 after coupons.

* Ordered another free 8x10 photo (an inspirational print) from Walgreens.

* Listed several items for sale on Ebay.  Sold one for $40 and one for $10.

* Requested a check for $16.57 from my credit card rewards through Upromise.

* Booth sales are picking back up and I had a check for $55.80 today.  Rearranged the booth and added two large tubs of merchandise.  I'm hoping to sell a lot this fall!!

* Was unintentionally frugal while out to eat with a friend at a restaurant today.  I asked the waitress if I could order just one slider (mini cheeseburger) with fries as I can't eat all of the listed combo that comes with two sliders, fries, AND soup/ salad.  She acted a bit weird about it but agreed.  I understood when I got my bill- my total was just $4.50!  I left her a $5 tip for her trouble.  

* Sent an email to my director to see if I can add a day to my work schedule.  I'm hoping to hear back on that in the next week.

That's all for this week!


Danavee said…
I cannot believe the expense that accompanies grad school applications/transcripts! ACK!

Where your summer months slower at the booth? I found that it was for me........still did okay, but after some crazy good winter months, I'm ready for a fall rebound!
I'm so glad to be done paying those fees!! Yes, my booth sales were sloooowww this summer and also my Ebay sales were pretty dead. Things started picking up a week or two ago and fingers crossed that they continue to do so!

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