Back From The Dead: The Frugal Shrink Lives!!

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! It's been almost a year since my last update (!!!) so I thought I'd let you know the happenings over the past year. I am indeed alive and things have been busy.

* I met my now ex-boyfriend shortly after my last blog post and dated him for most of the past year. Dating took up much more time than anticipated, hence the no-time-for-blogging. We recently broke up and it has been pretty miserable to be honest. I've used my misery as a catalyst to take a long, hard look at my life and the things that I don't like about it and am categorically working on changing all of these things. This means starting multiple businesses over the next year, changing churches to something smaller where I can better connect with people, losing weight and getting in shape, and just generally showing back up to my life.

* I started an MBA program in January and quit two weeks later. I realized that there is absolutely nothing in me that wants to be back in school at this time, so I cut my losses and left. I have enough degrees. For now...

* I went from two flea market booths back down to one and am getting ready to liquidate the final booth and shut it down. This is so that I can spend my time focusing on...

* Ebay sales!!! I am selling women's gently used clothing on Ebay and it's going really, really well. I wrote last November that I didn't have any delusions about replacing my income with Ebay- well, I've got those delusions now. It's completely possible to replace my income IF I WORK HARD ENOUGH. That's in all caps because, like with most things, I am what stands in the way of my goals. I acquire most clothing for $1 or less per piece and sell it for $10 plus shipping or for a higher price if it's a nicer brand (I recently flipped a .50 silk Eileen Fisher top for $30). I'm focusing on women's clothing only and am considering expanding into books in the next year as well.

* In March, I "traded in" my 13 year old car (RIP) and bought a 2009 Honda CR-V  that had just 79K miles. I paid 11K which was about 1K more than I wanted to pay but the dealership wasn't budging on price and it's a great car so I went for it. I was able to pay cash for this car, which is the first time I've ever been able to do something like that. It was a really amazing feeling and I feel very fortunate to be in that position! I also now understand the hype about Hondas.

* I bought a banjo and started taking banjo lessons. This was part of the fall out from the breakup and I couldn't be happier about it (the lessons, not the break up). I love the banjo!! I hope to become proficient in the next year but will need to practice more than I've been doing.

* I'm planning on expanding my Ebay business, starting a podcast, and most likely starting a local business giving a kind of lesson. I'm trying to figure out if I should rent a space for the local business or if I should buy a small building. I would like to "retire" from the field of psychology in the next couple of years. It's very possible that I will practice as a shrink again someday, but it will be on my own terms (very selective about who I take on, not dealing with insurance, etc.).

* My net worth continues to be in the positive by about 13K despite buying the car and having a large chunk of student loans left. This is SO exciting to me after all those years of negative 5-6 figures of net worth!

I'm not sure how much I will be blogging but I did want to post an update. Hope all is well with you, friends!


Anonymous said…
God to see you are posting again - great positives too.
Thanks, Anon!! I appreciate the support. :)
Anonymous said…
Hi FS--The other FS here. I stopped blogging b/c of commercialism and lack of community. So glad i checked to see how you were doing. Good luck with ebay--I've been selling on poshmark and like it a lot better. Check it out! (Actually--if you do it, you can sign up with my user name and get $5 credit...)
FS- So good to hear from you!! I have wondered how you were doing! I'm on Poshmark but am embarrassed to say that I don't really understand how it works- one of my goals for 2018 is to expand into other platforms so hopefully I can educate myself on Poshmark. If you have any tips for me, let me know!! Also, I'm on Instagram if you are on there and would like to connect. Thanks for stopping in!

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