Frugal Adventures

Lots of extra expenses piling up this month! Life insurance ($392), property tax on my very old car ($23), lab work that my insurance didn't cover ($140), and an electrician to replace the weird light switch in my bathroom that quit working ($?? TBD). I also have a tuition bill for around 4K coming up sometime in the next month or so. During times like these I am extra glad for frugality! Here we go...

* Requested a check for $16.78 from my credit card rewards. This seems to be about the going rate of cash back each month.

* Applied a $6 cash back credit to my other credit card. I put my recurring bills on one credit card and all other expenses on another and pay them both off twice per month which gives me several hundred dollars of cash back each year.

* Downloaded the free Ebay app to see if I can produce listings more quickly with it. So far it seems slightly faster but I think the main problem is the user!

* Received a $10 off any purchase coupon for LL Bean which I used to buy an insulated water bottle for ~$3 out of pocket.

* Received a $25 credit from Zappos from signing up for their rewards. Used this to purchase an Ariat wallet for ~$3 out of pocket which will be part of a Christmas gift. They sent me a coupon code in my email, but if you've ever ordered from them you can sign up on the website and get a $15 coupon code.  

* Attended a fundraising yard sale where clothing was $2 per paper bag-full and I purchased two bags for potential resale. I also bought four vintage embroidered linens, a small Christmas present, and a vintage flamingo for resale. The sale was for a really good local foster/adoption charity so I gave them a $20 donation to cover all of my purchases. They were pleased and so was I!

* Already made a sale on Ebay from one of the items I purchased in the bag sale. It sold for $28. 

* I received $2 in Staples Ink Recycling Rewards instead of the $20 that I should've received from last month's cartridges. I emailed them about this and was able to get the other $18 credited to my account. 

* I used the above Staples Ink Rewards to purchase a 2017 planner for .86 out of pocket. I was too cheap to buy my favorite planner (At A Glance Monthly) this year but I will never make that mistake again! I missed it too much and I am glad to have gotten such a good deal.

* I have seven more ink cartridges/ toners to take to Staples which should result in $14 in rewards next month. 

* I am just now nearing the end of my flexible spending account dollars for 2016. I increased my flex amount from $2000 to $2500 for 2017 but I have a feeling I will blow through that quickly as I'm going to start off the year with bilateral knee MRIs. It has been really nice to have that money set aside for things like glasses, orthotics, medications, and acupuncture and I will be glad to have it again in 2017.


MrsSpock said…
I paid almost $400 for life insurance myself this week, but I was so happy to do so. I wasn't sure I could get some because of my arthritis, and my family is now covered with a $250K policy if anything happens to me.I also got enough Swagbucks to cover a $25 Hulu gift card.
I upped my FSA to i $2,500 for 2017 as well :) Love how it saves $700 or so on taxes.
I used every penny of the 2K by the end of November. I am sure I will use the $2500 with no problems. :) And YES, so nice to get a little tax break!!

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