Frugal Adventures

* Received $11.10 from Ebates. I hardly use Ebates anymore as I click through Upromise instead when I'm making an online purchase, but I finally reached the amount necessary to get my check (actually a Paypal payment). I'll move this over to savings.

* Launched my second flea market booth on Friday and sold ~a dozen items over the weekend. I went back to the flea market today (Monday) with more merchandise and filled up both booths. Merchandise isn't making me any money by sitting in my garage, so it needs to go out to the booths ASAP!

* Purchased about $8 worth of clothing from a yard sale at .25 a piece to try my hand at reselling online (again). I've been watching YouTubers who do this sort of thing full time and it's pretty inspirational. I don't have delusions of being able to replace my actual job income, but it would be nice to have a thriving side business of reselling. It's just an experiment so far. I'm hoping to launch next weekend on Poshmark and will also list some items on Ebay.

* Used two .50 coupons for eggs which were doubled by the store to $2.00 total. Also redeemed a .50  egg rebate on the Checkout 51 app last week. I usually eat six hardboiled eggs per week plus whatever else I need for baking, so egg coupons are pretty useful!

* Haven't been buying much except merchandise for the booth (cheap), life necessities (gas/groceries/household), and Christmas presents as I am working on saving more money. My life insurance bill is due this month and I'm trying to get my savings topped up before January when I start my MBA program (EEK!).

* Working on eating food from the freezer and pantry before making a big grocery shop. This is one of my least favorite frugal activities but it has to be done.

* Received items from my aunt, my mom, and my coworker/friend to sell in my booth. People are really supportive of the reselling!

* Scanned some books with the Amazon app to see if they would be worth reselling. They weren't bringing much money online, but I set aside a small bag to take to the used bookstore to see if I can get store credit.

* Went to an interesting looking barn sale yesterday after church and found two midcentury chairs for $5 each. It was only when I put them in the car that I noticed both have vintage Thonet tags!!  I looked them up and the value is close to $100 per chair.  I NEVER find anything like this so I was really pumped!!  

* Received another free 8x10 photo from Walgreens.

* My utilities bill was $46 cheaper in October than in September due to the unseasonably warm weather we've been having. 

* My yard service only had to mow twice in October so that was a bill of $64 rather than $128. I think we are now officially done with the mowing season so that will be savings as well. I could mow the yard myself, but it's pretty darn magical to leave the house with a shaggy yard and return home to it neatly trimmed and lovely. One luxury that I gladly pay for!

* Paid $1.79 per gallon (!!!) for gasoline today which is super low.


Danavee said…
Yay for a successful 2nd booth launch! I'm so thrilled for you!
Danavee said…
And your chair find. I words!
MrsSpock said…
I just joined the WeBay Thrifters group on Facebook and have been casually learning how they make a living working Ebay. I just sell things here and there, but I am learning. My goal is to just keep a =n eye out at thirft stores for possibly good finds (a la Katy at the Non-Consumer Advocate) and occasionally get something good to resell.
Thank you!!! You were one of my inspirations!! :D
It is really interesting!! I've sold on Ebay off and on for 15 years (more heavily when I was in grad school and had no money-ha ha) but things have changed and I've never really put much effort into it. I'm going to give it a go through the end of the year and if it's profitable I'll make a big push in 2017 to see how much I can sell.
Easting out from freezer (and boring leftover stuff) from my fridge is my least favorite as well. ;)
I sure wish I enjoyed it more!! :)

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