Money Monday: Where is the Money Going???

Hopefully you have an idea now of what your goals and motivations are.  Mine look like this:
* Not wanting to have to work for people or in places that make me miserable (been there, done that!)
* Wanting to be able to work part time on multiple jobs and projects instead of having to have just one full time job
* Wanting schedule flexibility
* Wanting to be able to pay off student loans within the next decade and being able to pay cash for inexpensive cars and other larger purchases
* Wanting to be able to purchase land and build a 1960s-style ranch house in the next decade
* Wanting to be able to be generous with my time and finances
* Enjoying the life I've been given!

Getting your money under control means freedom to be able to do these things.  This week, you need to figure out where exactly your money is going.  I want you to look at the last three months of debit and credit card purchases and spend an hour with paper and pen or a spreadsheet categorizing each purchase (groceries, gifts, clothes, medical, insurance, etc.) and adding up the totals for each category.  This is the easiest way to figure it out and I've found that three months gives a much more complete picture of spending than just looking at one month.  So pull those statements, spend an hour categorizing, and I'll see you next week!


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