Frugal Happenings Volume 1

I am enjoying The Prudent Homemaker's blog and website.  She is REALLY frugal which I find inspiring.  I really like reading about the super frugal!  She does a weekly roundup called frugal accomplishments which highlights what she did to save that week.  I think that is a great idea and I am going to steal it!  ;)

This week I...

*Downloaded five free songs from my favorite band.  Normally I wouldn't bother since I have all of their albums, but I'm glad I did.  One of the songs was a beautiful acoustic version of an older song and I'm glad to have it.  I'm listening to it now!

*Received a coupon for a free Coke from playing a Subway game a few weeks ago.  I also used codes from Money Saving Mom to send off for another free Coke coupon.  I rarely drink soda but do enjoy a Coke a few times per year.

*Filled out a rebate form for $10 on Crest White Strips which I would've bought anyway as they were a great price.

*Received $20 in rebates from meat that I had purchased in December.

*Last Saturday I went to a musical with my lovely mom.  This was really fun and I got the tickets for free from my alma mater.

*Printed out a coupon for $34 in Staples Rewards.  I had turned in empty ink cartridges given to me by my grandparents and also purchased (much needed) ink for my printer during a triple rewards promotion.

*Received my seed order from Baker Creek Seeds.  These seeds are not genetically modified, which I appreciate.  I had a very inexpensive order as I'm only planting lettuce, spinach, and tomatoes this year.  They also included a free packet of lettuce seeds.

*Worked on a crocheted cowl scarf for a Christmas present.  

*Purchased some deeply clearanced pretties from Ann Taylor for co-worker Christmas presents (yes, already!!).

*Signed up for an Ethics conference that will give me 6 free continuing education credits.  Not the most exciting thing in the world, but free CEUs are great and necessary to keep my psychology license.


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