Frugal Happenings Volume 2

This week I...

*Received $7.99 in rebates.  I found a bunch of different types of dry shampoo at Walgreens with try-me-free tags.  The check was sent to me SUPER fast- less than a month, I think, which has to be a record for a rebate.  Take a look in the shampoo aisle and see what you can find!

*Downloaded a couple of free books to my Kindle.

*Brought lunch to work 2/4 days.  I need to learn to prep this the night before and I would be much more successful at taking it every day.  I am NOT a morning person!!

*Submitted an invoice to one of my part-time jobs for $450.

*Went to a thrift store and purchased two books, two movies, and a vintage crewel work piece for my collection for a grand total of $2.  A true frugalite would only borrow books and movies from the library, but I like buying at these prices.  ;)

*Sorted through my vintage store stock for a vintage fair I will be selling at in May...hopefully getting rid of some stock and making a bit of money.  :)  I also got a few boxes of vintage that need to get out of my house ready to donate.  Less clutter= more peace of mind for me.

*Received my utilities bill (gas, electric, water, sewer) for the month and it was $20 less than the month before despite having several cold patches and snow.  I think being out of the house more for work is saving me money. 

*Hired a local handyman to repair odds and ends around the house and clean out the A/C unit.  While this cost me money now, maintaining my house will save me money in the long run AND it's so nice to be supporting local business!  Also, his prices were cheaper than most of the competition.


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