Junk Report: Collins of Texas Handbags!!

Boy am I glad that estate sales are starting up again!  The thrifts have left me disappointed lately with their overpriced junk...and not the good kind of junk, either.  I had been anticipating this particular sale for more than a month as the pictures made it look like there was tons of mid-century stuff inside the house.  Two things made me really excited- pink Pyrex and a whole slew of what appeared to be Enid Collins jeweled bags.  The sale was rescheduled once due to weather conditions but finally took place this week.  I couldn't make it there until Saturday (the third and final day) so I figured that everything good would be gone but knew that I'd like to look around anyway.

I arrived at 7:40am and got in line to get a number.  It was snowing and very cold and I was #10 in line.  I chatted with the other customers until opening and we finally were let into the house.  I carefully went through each room and found nothing that I wanted.  Boo!  :(  The house was still packed with stuff, but none of it was what I wanted.  Disappointed, I made my way into the garage to exit the house...and there they were.  At least nine jeweled Collins bags!!  On half price day!!  I couldn't believe it.  I'm not even sure if I made it through the entire house since I became so focused on frantically grabbing and adding up the prices that I couldn't think of anything else.

These are from the later Collins of Texas line but I still think they are beautiful and I got a really good deal on them.  I will keep one, my mom is getting one, and the rest are headed to my Etsy shop  or to Ebay later this week.



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