Frugal Happenings Volume 4

This week I...

*Received two books using credits at Paperback Swap.  My to-be-read pile has spiraled out of control again!! 

*Downloaded a couple of free books to my Kindle (see the above's out of control note!). 

*Received my Walgreens rebate from January with a 10% bonus for choosing a WG gift card.

*Downloaded a free audio book.

*Read a good book that my Auntie loaned me.

*Did a bunch of "spa procedures" at home such as dying my hair and giving myself a pedicure.  I save thousands each year by doing this stuff myself.

*Packed lunch on 4/4 days.

*Completed my taxes using Turbo Tax.  It was slightly more complicated this year due to having W-2s, 1099s, and varying deductions, but it was still very do-able using that software.  No need to hire a CPA...yet.  I definitely saved some cash by doing it myself.  Also, I don't have to pay in as much as I expected which was a huge surprise/ blessing/ happiness.  :)

*Went to Walgreens to pick up some contact solution and bought two bottles since they were on sale.  Used the aforementioned gift card and paid nothing out of pocket.

*Exercised at home using my brand new recumbent bike.  This was a gift from my mom and I love it!


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