Frugal Happenings Volume 5

This week I...

*Hosted a small get-together with my mom and a friend.  I've gotten in the habit of not hosting things and going out to eat instead, so this was a good change.  I also had leftover food to eat which made packing lunches easy.  Speaking of lunches...

*Packed lunch on 3/4 days.  

*Received a $10 coupon to which I used to download an Agatha Christie audio book/ play.

*Mailed two books via Paperback Swap (referral link in the sidebar!) which will give me two credits for future books.  Also ordered a book that had been on my wishlist for a while.

*Purchased a few vintage goodies at the thrift store to sell at the vintage fair next month.  Spent a total of $6.40.  $1.81 of which was a bird painting that I will keep.  I am a big sucker for nature paintings and will probably paint the frame to give it an updated look.

*Took advantage of Walgreens' 15% off all purchases (and 20% off WG brands) coupon yesterday and stocked up on toiletries that I frequently use/ purchase.  Planned ahead and also used $12.25 in manufacturer coupons, most of which were printables.  Had money left on a rebate card so I spent ~$20 out of pocket for several bags of toiletries and four large packages of toilet paper.  Received a surprise $3 Register Reward for buying the toilet paper. 

*Sold a couple of items on Etsy and promptly moved the money to my savings account...because it tends to get eaten up in other purchases if I don't!!  ;)

*Downloaded a couple of free books to my Kindle.

*Began taking a FREE Medical Neuroscience course online through Coursera which is taught by Duke University instructors.  This is really useful to my work in the hospital and is super interesting.  It is really time-intensive, though, and I don't think that I will be able to complete all of the work in eight weeks. There are a lot of different courses on varying subject matters, so be sure to check out Coursera if you like free online learning.

*My car rolled over 150,000 miles!!!!  I've had my Chevy Cavalier since 2005 and it has been a reliable car.  I'm hopeful that it will last at least another year so that I can save up to pay cash for my next car.

*Ordered three free magazine subscriptions with points accumulated on Recycle Bank- All You, In Style and Real Simple.  Here's hoping that I will actually read them instead of just stacking them in a corner. ;)

*Received a coupon for a free deluxe paint sample at Lowe's.  I like to use these for small projects like picture frames.

*Sent a huge bag of clothing to the consignment store.  A friend took it for me, so I didn't even have to drive there or spend gas money.  :)


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