Dacyczyn Daughters Interviews

The Tightwad Gazette was a series of newsletters written in the early- to mid-1990s and then compiled into book form that gave tips, tricks, and instructions on how to live a good life on little money.  To this day, The Complete Tightwad Gazette remains THE handbook for the aspiring thrifty person.  As of this writing, it ranks #65 and #81 on two Amazon lists despite being released in 1998.  Some of the information is outdated, yes, but the spirit of frugality lives on in the pages and challenges the reader to think about changing behavior and about what they can accomplish with small changes.  It is still relevant and highly recommended.

Despite all the good that was accomplished via The Tightwad Gazette, there are always critics in the bunch, especially when someone is suggesting frugality as a lifestyle.  During the reign of the newsletter, the Dacyczyns were often accused of subjecting their children to deprivation or other unpleasant situations.  Some critics said that the frugal practices would later come back to haunt them as their children grew to adulthood and surely would become spendthrifts.

The Dacyczyn children are now grown adults and all three daughters have married.  Have you ever wondered how they turned out?  If the childhood of frugality pushed them over the edge to becoming spendaholics or if they became penny pinchers in their own right?  I have wondered...so I decided to ask them.  Through the magic of the internet, I was able to locate all three Dacyczyn daughters who graciously agreed to answer my questions.  I found their responses to be fascinating and I think you will, too. 

This week, I will post the interviews.  Beginning tomorrow, you can see for yourself how the Dacyczyn daughters turned out...


Hi TFS .. good to meet you Teresa's daughter! I'll be back to read the report back from the Dacyczyn daughters .. the journey sounds interesting .

We have frugal times when we start out studying and early life ... so lots of tales to be told

Cheers to you .. Hilary
Interesting! You know, I believe I read that book back in the late 90s. Congratulations on the interview...interesting to hear how they turned out!
Arlee Bird said…
Nothing wrong with some frugal living. In our nation in an age of excess frugality may be what is needed by many.

Off to check the interview.

An A to Z Co-Host
Tossing It Out
Patti said…
I don't know why you are just interviewing the girls. I would like to see how it affected the boys, too, as I have a son who has been raised by me, a very frugal Mom. Ha!
Hilary- Nice to meet you, too! :) Hope you enjoy the interviews!

Elizabeth- Thanks for the congrats on the interview. I recently downloaded one of your books to my Kindle and am looking forward to reading it!

Arlee- Agreed! Thanks for stopping by.

Patti- I assure you, it was a matter of accessibility and willingness, not sexism! ;) I only found four of the (grown) children and the ones who replied to me happened to be the daughters. Perhaps another blogger can persuade the sons... ;)
Mar S said…
thank you so much for the interview. Amy's book helped me a lot and I am happy to see her kids are doing great.

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