Free Is My Favorite Price

My favorite price is, of course, free.  I had a friend in grad school who liked to say "If it's free, I'll take three" which was both hilarious and very true for us broke students (aaaaand I think I'll use that to tag my 'free stuff' posts from now on).  Recently I went to the mall to pick up a few freebies.  I even wandered through a few stores but bought nothing.  WILLPOWER!

Victoria's Secret body wash- I received a $10 off any purchase coupon in the mail for my upcoming birthday.  Whaddya know, this just so happened to be $10!!  And I just ran out of body wash.  Excellent timing.  I really like the embarrassingly-named Pure Seduction scent.

Black bangle bracelet from J.C. Penney- A few weeks ago, an online coupon code for $10 off of any purchase was floating around.  Of course, people abused it and made hundreds of orders so I was sure that my one order would be cancelled.  To my surprise, it wasn't.  I chose the ship to store option to get free shipping and the bracelet was $10 before applying the coupon.  Final price with in store pick-up: zero dollars.

MAC lipstick in Bombshell- This is a freebie from the Back to MAC program.  If you use MAC cosmetics, once you collect six empty containers and return them you get a free lipstick.  I think in the MAC store you have other options, but at the counters it's a free lipstick.  Now, I get the majority of my MAC from the Cosmetics Company Outlet sharply discounted AND it takes me some time to work my way through six items.  I think I've gotten 2 or 3 free lipsticks in a decade.  Still, worth it to save those empty containers!! 

Hopefully I'll have a few more birthday freebies to share with you next week- my birthday is on Tuesday.


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