Adventures in Reselling

Two weeks ago, I finally took the plunge and rented a booth at Relics Antique Mall.  The good news is that I am having fun and learning lots as I've never done any reselling in a brick and mortar setting.  The bad news is I've only sold five items so far- two books, two thermoses (!), and an outfit.  I am really surprised about the thermoses but glad they sold.  Today after work I wandered around looking at other booths to try to glean some ideas.  I think I need to diversify and have more than just mid-mod stuff and I also think it will help to advertise some of my items on Craigslist.  For now, it's a work in progress.  I'd show you some pictures but I forget my camera every dadburn time I go out there. 

I did update my sad, long-neglected Etsy shop today with some clothing.  So if you are in need a vintage 70s jumpsuit, 50s Ann Taylor dress, or a fun homemade chevron dress, hit me up.

I would love for the reselling to develop from a hobby to a legit side business, but it is truly exhausting!!!  I've been at Relics each week adding new stock and rearranging OR I've been hitting up yard sales, thrifts, and estate sales OR I've been spending hours tagging things OR I've been researching items in general.  I have tons of items that need photographed and added to Etsy also, so I guess I better get on it if I want to make this a success!


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