Antique Mall Booth Pics!!

I finally remembered to take my camera to the antique mall where I rent a booth!  Since I'm a lazy blogger, I'll link you to the mall website where I uploaded the pics.  I'm surprised that more vendors aren't taking advantage of the individual promotion pages our mall offers- I think that's a neat bonus.

I dropped by on Saturday to drop off more merchandise, fluff, and take pictures.  It's annoying funny to me to see how customers rearrange things!!  It's also like a giant game of Memory to see if I can remember what's missing.  On Sunday after church I went back with my mama to show her the space since she hadn't seen it yet.  A shelf that I had just dropped off the day before had already sold which made me happy.  It's still pretty exhausting but what a fun hobby.  Now to have it actually make some money...


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