Birthday Freebies

Let's talk birthday freebies, shall we???  My birthday was June 4th, and as usual I raked in the  birthday freebies. Many companies and restaurants will give you a discount coupon or BOGO or something for your birthday if you sign up for their email list.  I have a email account set aside just for this and other junk mail purposes. I am not going to list all the companies that give you coupons; rather, here is a list of companies that truly give you FREE stuff (no purchase required!!).  My advice is to sign up if you're interested in any of these and to also sign up for email lists for all companies that you enjoy just in case they have a great birthday offer.  Make sure you use a junk email account and start checking it a week before your birthday.

* Helzberg diamonds- Free pair of sterling silver and freshwater pearl earrings.  These earrings are pretty and I will give them to my 9-year-old niece as part of her birthday gift.

* Sephora- This year it's a mini Benefit highlighter and mascara.  The Sephora freebie changes every year and there is a different item for men. You have to sign up for the Sephora beauty insider program for this one.

* Houlihan's- $15 off an entree.

* McAllister's Deli- $5 off a purchase.

* Steak n Shake- Free burger and fries. I have an unholy love for all things Steak n Shake and this seems like a pretty generous birthday freebie.

* Andy's Frozen custard (for all of you local people)- $6.15 gift card.  Presumably this is the cost of a large concrete???  You can use it to buy several treats and the amount has no expiration date.

* Which Wich- Free sandwich.  I had never eaten here before, but this was pretty delicious.

*  CVS- $3 Extrabucks.  Used to purchase gum.  I am a gumaholic.


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