Increasing Retirement Contributions!!!!!

Woo!!  Can you FEEL the excitement!!  ;) 

I work three days per week at my "main job" as a psychologist in a rehabilitation unit in a hospital (rehab as in spinal cord injury, brain injury, and amputations, not drug treatment).  Hospitals can be wonderful places to work in that working part time is not a completely alien concept AND they often offer benefits to part time workers.  I get my health insurance through them and also am eligible for retirement accounts and even a retirement match.

You have to invest 6% of your salary to get the full match from the company, so until today that was all I did- 3% in a pretax account and 3% in a Roth.  Part of why I contributed so little is that I have certain savings and debt reduction goals that I'm working on and I wasn't sure how contributions would affect my money flow.  Today I took the leap and bumped my contribution up to 10%.  I put the extra 4% in the pretax account so it shouldn't hurt my actual paycheck too much.  

Once I get my car savings completed and student loans paid down I'll increase my savings rate, although probably in general investment accounts and not in my retirement account.  I have plans for early(ish) retirement...


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