Recent Decluttering

I write on the blog a lot about things that I bring into my house, but I assure you that I get rid of things often!  While I love stuff, I love regaining space even more. Here is some decluttering that I've done lately:

1) Took a small bag of clothes to the consignment shop.  I was inspired by the two checks I received from them for a total of about $50 and dug through the closet to see what else could go.

2) Took a carload (!!) of donations to the Salvation Army.  This is a result of nearly a year of procrastinating.  I am going to try to be better about taking donations often rather than waiting until a mountain builds up.  Ugh.  It did motivate me to finally vacuum out my car afterward, though, so win-win!

3) Promptly after returning from the Salvation Army, I spent hours cleaning and organizing my upstairs rooms...resulting in another bag of donations sitting in my garage.  Hee.  At least it's not a car full.

4) Sold some DVDs and books to Amazon for a $23 gift card.

5) Listed a book separately on Amazon for $35.

6) Found a few books that I will take to the residents at the nursing home where I work on Mondays and listed six more on Paperback Swap (three were already requested!).

7) Took returns back to two stores and returned shoes via the post office.  I don't make a lot of returns usually, but for some reason I had several this week.  I hate having to take things back, but I'm glad to get things out of the house and get a bit of cash back in my wallet.

8) Sometime this week, I will list a few clothing items on Tradesy to see if this is a better alternative to Ebay.

Anybody else working on decluttering?? 


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