Antique Mall Booth Update

June was my first month selling vintage at a brick and mortar location- a booth at Relics antique mall.  This is a much different experience from selling online and I am still learning.  Although exhausting, it has been REALLY fun!!  My rent is $66 plus 10% commission and 3% fee if credit cards are used and I have a nice-sized booth (can't remember the exact dimensions at this moment).  

For the month of June, I had to pay $6 and some change for rent, which I felt was pretty darn good for the first month.  I stopped in on July 3rd to pay June's rent and was bummed that it seemed like nothing had sold that week.  I stopped back by on July 12th to add merchandise and completely reset the booth and was THRILLED to find out that I had already made rent for the month plus a ten dollar profit!  Woo hoo!!!  This is a work in progress for me as I don't know what I'm doing yet but I am paying close attention to what sells in hopes that I can find some patterns.

I forgot my camera as usual, so I'll have to get pics the next time I'm there.  I'm hoping to redo most of the displays once a month and am still adding new merchandise every 7-10 days.  It is an emotional roller coaster with me feeling down in the dumps if I haven't sold much and AMAZING when merchandise is moving.  So silly but so fun!!  :)


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