Frugal Happenings

Haven't done one of these in a while!

Here are the frugal things that have happened lately.

*Was offered a free $10,000 worth of life insurance through one of my psychology professional organizations.  I already have life insurance, but SURE I'll take more for free!  This may be my oddest freebie yet.

*Ordered a ton of books from Paperback Swap- a few for me, some will go with other Christmas gifts for my nephews and niece.  Yes, I am the tacky aunt that gives used books for Christmas!!  I always pair it with gifts I think they will like and I've never gotten a complaint.  Tip: Order hardbacks.  They're nearly always in better condition.

*Started thinking about Christmas gift ideas.  Surveyed my (huge) stash of craft supplies to see what I can make that people might actually like (this is important in handmade gifts!).  Also looked at what's currently in my gift tub and was pleased to see that I have a few nice gifts already.

*Have been scouring the internet for potential ideas for homemade gifts for preteen/ teen boys.  I think I've found a couple of ideas that might actually be something they would like.  IMO, this is the toughest age group for trying to make gifts.

*Used the Amazon gift card I got from reselling/ decluttering and an Amazon gift card I got from credit card points to buy an upcoming birthday gift.  And a pair of sunglasses for me.  Hee!!

*I've been tracking my clothing expenditures since this is an area where I spend the most money.  In June I spent ~$82 whereas in May I spent ~$213 (!!!).  Feeling good about that decrease.  This may be a future post of its own.

*Had enough points to order another 20 oz. Coke through My Coke Rewards.  I do nothing with this program except enter codes I find online/ sign up for programs that will net me points.  So far I've gotten three free Coke coupons.

*Ordered a free $10 Starbucks gift card from My Points. I also have $2.60 on a coupon from a promotion they ran earlier this year that can transfer over to the gift card.

*Received a nice check from my side job that went straight into the car fund.  Submitted an invoice for another nice check.  

*Dyed my own hair.  Received two coupons from Walgreens for my brand/type of hair dye- one is $4 off and the other is $3 off.  They're on sale this week buy one get one half off, so by combining these deals I'll get the $8 dye for less than $3 per box.

*I've been rolling my Office Max Max Perks to get all the free office supplies for several months.  Some will be given to my family and others will be donated.  Just takes a little bit of work on my part to get some nice donations for free or nearly free.  School supply deals will be in full swing next Sunday (they always start after July 4th).


Mrs. GV said…
Nice frugal doings! Always inspiring to read what others are doing. My husband's job provides for a certain amount of free life insurance, and we pay for the rest. But our credit union does offer a small free policy--$2,000 I believe. Of course they want you to sign off on a bigger policy but I'm happy to decline and just take the freebie!
Thanks, Mrs. GV! :) I agree, no problems with just declining the bigger policy and taking the freebie!! ;)

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