Time to Get My Hustle On!

I am leaking money over here at the Frugal Shrink cottage!  July has been an expensive month and August doesn't look much better.  I purchased a replacement laptop ($800), glasses ($80), and renewed some professional memberships ($255) that will be necessary for a further certification in my field.  Application for that certification ($125) and contact lens purchases ($200) will be coming up in August.  I could cash-flow these purchases from my paychecks, but that would eat up any car fund savings until at least September.  Yikes!!!  Instead, I've decided to get my hustle on and try to generate more income/ cash flow for the next month.  I'm planning on cutting spending AND selling stuff that's been sitting around just waiting for me to stop procrastinating.  It's a great excuse to declutter more and I love a good hustle challenge!

Here's what I plan to do:
* List two psychology books on Amazon
* List three pairs of shoes on Ebay
* List some clothing on Tradesy
* Get my butt in gear and list more in my sadly neglected Etsy shop
* Scout around the garage to see if there's anything lurking around that could be sold on Craigslist
* Take more merchandise to my antique store booth

Money collected so far:
* $1 from Poll Buzzer (Every dollar counts, yo!)
* $230 from a side gig
* $32 in checks that serendipitously arrived from the clothing consignment store (I didn't realize I still had stuff selling there!)
* $91 from selling a gift card

I'll post updates throughout the month.  Here we go!!


Frugal Scholar said…
I've been keeping up with your blog from far away. Now I'm back. I'd love to hear how you fare w/ Tradesy. My daughter listed a bunch of stuff. We sold 6 pairs of shoes (desirable brands--v. cheap).

Just listed a bunch more yesterday.
Tammy said…
Run Ivy run!! :-)

Auntie T.
FS- How wonderful! I'm glad you are reading the blog. :) I will keep you posted on how Tradesy pans out. It certainly has the potential to be much better than Ebay!!

Auntie Tam- I don't think I could get much for her. ;)

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