Today's CVS Deals

I used to do deal posts all the time on my old blog and thought I'd revive that tradition due to the excellent deals today at CVS.  I might add that if you are going to go into the store and try to make your own deal scenarios on the spot, you should probably bring your phone in the store so you can use the calculator function.  My poor exhausted-after-work brain was not having any of the weird CVS math!!

Items Purchased:
Two tubes of Colgate toothpaste
Two Colgate toothbrushes
One 20-oz Coke (had a free coupon, will need all that toothpaste for when I drink this)
One CVS brand lotion

Coupons Used:
Two Colgate .75 printable coupons
One free 20-oz Coke coupon
One $2 off any CVS lotion coupon (printed from in-store machine)
One $3 ECB that arrived in my email this week (YAY)
One $5 ECB from my last purchase (Fructis deal a couple of weeks ago)

Total paid: $2 and change AND I got a $5 ECB for next time.  And this is why I still bother with coupons.


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