Why I Do All This Funny Money Stuff: Part Two

The Frugal Shrink worked her last thirty days at the nightmare job with no problems and left on a good note rather than flipping over tables, cursing, and causing mayhem as she would have liked to do.  For the part time-work, she was teaching one graduate school course and would have an undergraduate course start up in a month.  She was also starting a position with a company that contracted with nursing homes.  An entire month went by without starting, but her boss assured her that contracts were nearly ready.  The FS enjoyed that month and spent time sleeping in and doing absolutely nothing.

Finally, the day came when she was to start at a nursing home.  The FS was nervous because she hadn't done much work with the elderly and was not fond of nursing homes in general.  However, this turned out to be a wonderful adventure and work that she greatly enjoyed.  She learned a lot about dementia and geropsychology. As the months went by, she picked up more nursing home contracts and more courses to teach.  She was working just a few days per week and was very happy.  In her free time, she started going to estate sales and picking up vintage items to resell, which she also loved.

The Frugal Shrink used this time to recover from the nightmare job.  Her new work was low-stress and very enjoyable and was conducive to resting and recovering from the trauma of the previous job.  However, the FS knew that the time would come where she would need to add in more work or look for a full time position.  She didn't have health insurance or any other benefits through her job, and while that was okay, she didn't make enough to save for retirement or any other needs.  Something would have to change, but she knew she would never again approach work in the same way...


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