Why I Do All This Funny Money Stuff: Part Three

The FS used her favorite job search engine to send her daily emails with potential positions.  She applied for a few but nothing came of those applications.  Then, one day, she noticed an interesting position at a local hospital.  She wasn't interested in that position, but the ad had a recruiter's name and email attached.  BINGO!  A real person to connect with instead of getting lost in the automated computer application system!  She emailed the recruiter with her CV and inquired if there might be any part time positions available with the hospital.  She was not yet ready to concede defeat and go back to full time work.

She didn't hear anything back for a few months.  Then she received an email from a psychologist at the hospital asking if she was still interested in a position.  Was she!!  They conversed on the phone and an interview was arranged.  The interview was an exhausting whirlwind and lasted all day.  The FS wasn't sure how she did in the interview or if she would get the job, but she had heard enough during the interview to know that the pay was good and the work was interesting.  She wanted the position.

Soon, the FS was offered the job and was able to work at the hospital just three days per week.  She also continued to work one day per week at her favorite nursing home, taught the occasional class, and sold vintage goods through Etsy and an antique mall booth.  The FS liked that she was working several part time jobs rather than one full time job.  It felt like the right balance.

The FS found that by being smart with her money, she was able to work in the way that she wanted and was not forced to stay in positions that she hated.  She did not feel the need to keep up with the Joneses and did not allow lifestyle inflation to occur as this would have limited her ability to live life on her own terms.  She finally had freedom.  And this, she decided, was worth it all.


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