Yard Saling for Fun and Necessity

I purchase the majority of my household items secondhand.  I do purchase a lot of clothing new but have a fair amount of thrifted items in that category, too.  You can save SO MUCH MONEY purchasing things secondhand!! I live in a relatively large town, so my strategy is to find a few neighborhoods that I like and shop the sales only in these neighborhoods to save on gas.

Things I've recently purchased at yard sales:
1) New in package curtains for living room- $3.  They are a plain off-white tab top.  It would probably look better with four panels instead of two, but it's light and airy which I need for my dark living room.  I have this thing about hating to spend money for curtains, and I usually force coerce ask my mom to give me her hand-me-downs.

2) Set of vintage Ekco silverware- $3.  I originally bought these for resale but I love the pattern and have for some reason grown to dislike my $30 Oneida set.  I couldn't see spending a lot to replace something that wasn't a need, though, so this was perfect.

3) Set of deep-pocket sheets for my pillow top bed- $3 (sensing a pattern here...).  Some people get grossed out by secondhand sheets but I firmly believe there's nothing that hot water and detergent can't make liveable.  Ha ha ha!!  And the lady selling them told me that these were on her guest bed and rarely used.  SOLD!

4) Knee elevator pillow- $1.  These suckers run $30 (Thirty dollars!  For a piece of foam!) normally.  My knees are not so good and elevating them helps quite a bit.

5) Mini food chopper- $1.  I burned out the motor on my last mini food chopper.  These are so handy for small jobs.

6) Giant Christmas wreath- $1.  I have no good excuse for this one other than it is super nice and I am a Christmas decorations hoarder.

7) Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Revisited and the work book from his Financial Peace University class- .25 each.  I don't agree with everything Dave says, but he's a good read. I have wanted FPR for a long time.  I probably won't be paying the $100 for his class so it'll be interesting to read through the workbook.

8)  Gray skinny jeans- .25.  Okay, this was actually at a thrift but I couldn't believe this score.  I didn't even try them on and they fit!!!  Amazing. 

9) Red and white gingham short sleeved shirt- $2.  I have a shortage of short-sleeved shirts that don't require layering.  This will be perfect for wearing to work at the nursing home where my residents like to keep their room temps at 80+ degrees (no kidding).

10) Items for my shop- I have been finding all sorts of vintage clothing and household goods for my shop for cheap cheap cheap.

What's on your yard sale wish-list this season?


freemoneyminute said…
We have little kids so we look out for clothing, toys, learning material, etc. You can save so much money by using yard sales. We love them!

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