Breaking News and Booth Update

BREAKING: I went thrifting at both of the stores mentioned in my last post, and the cashiers did NOT ask me if I qualify for the senior discount.  I'll keep you posted on future visits. 

The thrift finds were really great today.  I meant to take a picture for the blog, but SURPRISE I forgot to do so and most of it is already tagged and in my booth at Relics.  I found a bunch of Butterfly Gold Pyrex at a reasonable price (NEVER happens!), a large wood grain thermos, vintage thermal tumblers, vintage prints (which may stay with me- OOPS), and some vintage Christmas decor.  I really wanted to hoard keep the Pyrex for my collection so I hurried and got everything tagged and out the door before I could think too much about it.

After fees and rent, I've only made $30 profit this month thus far.  Definitely not as good as last month, but I'll take it!  I completely reset/ rearranged the booth today and it looks much better.  

I did remember to take a photo from the last time I visited the booth. This is how I haul stuff back and forth:

I have a very large plastic tub that I stick all my new merchandise in.  This one is mostly full with vintage folding chairs (already sold) and on the right are vintage aprons.  The plastic zippered pouch at the top holds price tags, scissors, yarn to attach tags, tape, safety pins, and felt tip pens.  I tag everything at home but you never know when you need another tag.  I also frequently mark down merchandise that isn't moving, so it's good to have all this stuff with me.

If you're local, go buy my merchandise at Relics!!  Ask for dealer #6796. 


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