Cheapo Lipglosses That I Love

I have a bit of a lipgloss/ lipstick problem in that I have WAY TOO MANY and always want more.  Since I've tested so many glosses, I thought the internet should know about one of my favorites- L.A. Colors.  There is a Dollar General next door to the nursing home I work at on Mondays, and I mosey in there from time to time for general household necessities (Drano and generic Zyrtec).  L.A. Colors seemed to only have a couple of colors in this gloss initially but it appears that they've expanded the line.  I found this out on Monday and promptly bought the bottom three.  I did not buy the glitter glosses, which I felt was progress as you better believe I wanted them. 

Why do I like this gloss?  It's thick but not sticky, is pigmented (meaning there is actually a decent amount of color transferred to your lips), lasts a couple of hours, and comes in a range of pretty colors.  The best part?  ONE DOLLAR EACH.  I fell asleep with the middle color on my lips on Monday night and it was still on when I woke up Tuesday morning.  I also got it on my pillowcase, but that is the price you pay for testing out lipglosses.  I am your guinea pig, internet!!

If you don't have a Dollar General near you, here is a list of all the retail locations.


haCINDYk said…
I need to make a trip to Dollar General. BTW, I subscribed to the Tightwad Gazette until she stopped publishing it. I'm sure my own kids would have stories of their own from things I tried. Thanks for sharing the interviews.
Glad you enjoyed them!! Very cool that you were one of the original subscribers. :) And YES you need to try out this lipgloss!! ;)

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