Hustle Update

* Sold both books that I listed on Amazon.  Will net ~$40 from this. 

* Took more merchandise to my antique store booth.  Twice.  Also got my July check from the booth: $104!!  SO pleased with my second month's progress!

* Pondered listing shoes on Ebay.  Remembered how much I hate selling on Ebay (lots of work for little profit).  Decided to send them to the regular consignment store instead.

* Nothing has moved on Tradesy.  Maybe I should try a higher end consignment store in town?

* Took more photos of merchandise for Etsy but haven't uploaded them to the shop.  Ugh!  Still made two sales with old merchandise: ~$35.

* Submitted a rather large invoice for my side gig.  Will probably receive that check this week.

* Found a few things in the garage that can be listed on Craigslist.  Status: to be listed. This hustle-thing has inspired me to clean out the whole house and declutter again!!

* Sorted more items to go to the consignment store (they start taking fall/ winter items this month).

Gratuitous vintage shots (soon to be in the Etsy shop!):

                                                    Vintage olive wool dress

                                                    Mint tie-neck blouse

                                          Huge silk butterfly scarf


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