No One Can Agree On How Old I Am

For the record, I'm 31.  This seems like a respectable age to me.  I'm young but hopefully less of an idiot than I was in my twenties.  Moving along.  For some reason, people feel the need to comment on my age/ appearance in work settings, and this now seems to be expanding to other settings.  Fun!! 

Here I am in a selfie taken in a dirty mirror.  Always a classic.  Anyhoo, I admit that I have a youthful face (wear your sunscreen) which sometimes prompts questions at work about how old I am.  Earlier this year, I had this conversation:

CNA at Nursing Home [who is 19-years-old]: Have you ever seen Monsters, Inc?
Me: No.
CNA:  You look just like the little girl, Boo.
Me:  What??
CNA:  Hey, so-and-so, doesn't she look just like Boo from Monsters, Inc?
So-and-so: (laughing) Yeah, she does!

It went on like this for a few minutes with several people agreeing with her.  I came home and immediately Googled Boo, my apparent doppleganger.

Here's Boo.  She's a two-year-old.  An animated two-year old.  Okay.

A few weeks later, while thrifting, a lady at Thrift Store A asked me if I qualified for the senior discount.  What???  I thought I looked like an animated two-year-old?!  One week later, the SAME lady asked me again if I qualified for the senior discount.

A month after that, I was at Thrift Store B checking out when the cashier looked at me and said that it was obvious that I didn't qualify for the senior discount.  THANK YOU!  I said, explaining how the lady at the Thrift Store A had asked me about it.  We had a good chuckle.

THEN, not even two weeks later, I was at Thrift Store B again when I had to check out with this cashier who seems to hate me or maybe she just hates everyone, I'm not sure.  Guess what she asked me???  DO I QUALIFY FOR THE SENIOR DISCOUNT.

From now on, I'm going to take the dang discount.  


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