Deal Alert: JC Penney Super Clearance!!!

I thought I'd meander on over to JCP today to see if I could find a summer dress or two on clearance to put away for next year.  BOY DID I!!!!!!!!!!!!!  First, I found the rack of $9.99 dresses.  Then I found the rack of $4.97 dresses.  Then I found racks of $3.97 and $1.97 clothing!!  Things are picked over, but there are still a lot of fun bargains to be had.  You'll have to wander through each department to find the clearance, but it's very much worth it if you're in the market for some clothing.  The funny thing is how I started out thinking $9.99 was a good deal but as the clothing racks got cheaper and cheaper, I did too.  I only bought one $9.99 item and that's because I loved it.  Retail for thrift store prices!


haCINDYk said…
My local thrift store is having an "everything half off sale" today, but maybe I can run up to my JCP and see if I can find the same good deals as you. Thanks for sharing.

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