Free Eyeglasses

* I am late to the party on this one, but I'm gonna blog about it anyway.  This is not a sponsored/ affiliated post or anything, I just wanted to talk about the free eyeglass deal from Coastal in case there's anybody else on the planet who hasn't taken advantage of this deal.

I am really, really nearsighted.  And I have astigmatism.  I have a fantastic eye doctor who understands people with vision like mine and isn't always trying to force me into stronger and stronger prescriptions unnecessarily (this is always a problem I have with eye docs).  She also cracks me up by saying unintentionally funny things about how impaired my vision is like "What people don't understand is that you literally cannot step outside your house without glasses or contacts.  You would not be able to see the sidewalk."  This is true.  Once, I asked her what my uncorrected vision would be in 20/20 terms.  "That number doesn't really exist."  HA!!  To her credit, she did try to guesstimate it for me anyway. Corrected, my vision is usually 20/20 which truly shows the miracles of modern medicine.

Anyhoo, I wear contacts nearly all the time but I am clearly a person who NEEDS to have backup glasses.  If I get an eye infection or scratch my eye, I'm sunk without glasses. My glasses are expensive due to the compressing process and other junk that goes into cutting lenses for strong prescriptions.  For reference, five years ago the cheapest plastic frames at Wal-Mart cost $300.  I have worked around this by buying through 39 Dollar Glasses and Zenni Optical.  39 Dollar glasses is my favorite, in case you were wondering (you know you were).  My glasses through these shops are usually $100-120, which isn't a bad price.

This year, I decided to take advantage of the free first pair of eyeglasses offer at Coastal (the code is FIRSTPAIRFREE).  I knew mine wouldn't be free because of my special snowflake syndrome, but the total cost was only $80.  I was SO pleased with this price!! If you have normal vision, it would be totally free.  I got some fabulous hipster glasses that are adorable.  I'm glad that hipster glasses are "in" again because I see much better out of the larger lenses.  

If you haven't taken advantage of this deal yet and you need glasses, you should check it out!


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