Estate Sale Madness: Part One

I have another junkin' story for you.

There was a vintage clothing store in town, Red Velvet, that was going out of business.  The ladies who owned the store have a super successful ($$$) blog and were focusing on that, so they decided to liquidate.  Now, they only owned the shop for ~5 years or so, but that location has been a vintage store for 30+ years, selling the store AND all the stock from owner to owner.  Did I mention that the location is three stories??  It's huge, and I was dying to get access to the upper stories.  My favorite vintage store owner, Karen from Funtiques, had told me that she would be running the estate sale for Red Velvet, so I made plans to be there.

I set out early on the first day of the sale and landed a primo parking spot at 6:30 am.  Yes, you read that right!!  Numbers would be handed out at 7:15 and since the store owners are nationally known, I had no idea if it would be crazy or not.  It wasn't.  But, for the first time (and probably last) in my life I was #1 for an estate sale- woo hoo!!!  I met some nice local vintage dealers and listened to their stories about the trade- I had little to add given how much of a newbie I am but it was really fun and interesting to listen in.

Once the clock struck 8:00, we were allowed inside.  I was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff.  The first floor was packed, but I was much more curious about the second floor.  I ran around the first floor collecting old paint by numbers for resale (currently in my booth!) and was finally ready to ascend the stairs to the glorious second floor.

It. was. amazing.  Wall to wall vintage (rather dusty at that) of every type.  Clothing, Christmas decorations, fans, art, lamp shades, mannequins, store displays, you name it.  All dusty from years of storage.  I did my fair share of sneezing, that's for sure!  Once again, I was overwhelmed but did pick up a couple of old Christmas wreaths and a vintage kitchen chair (both destined for the booth).  I decided to come back two days later for 50% off day, hoping that some stuff would be cleared out so that it would be easier to see merchandise.  What would I find on my second visit?  Stay tuned...


Liz said…
Can you post pics? I would like to see. Thanks :)
Hi Liz! I will try to take some pics for you and get them posted later this week! :)
Tammy said…
Is that store located sorta downtown? There used to be this huge three story flea market years ago that we all went to. It was fantastic then, but then they closed. Just wondering if it was the same place....
Auntie, yes, it was on Commercial street.
Danavee said…
I. Am. SO. SAAADDDD. That I missed this. But I didn't feel like calling a sub would be okay. Now I know I should have!!!!!!!!!!!! DANG IT!

Where is your booth?????
Danavee, I totally understand. I actually took a half day off from work to attend on the first day! Which probably shows how crazy I am. We were going to have a meeting that morning at work but it was cancelled so I hastily took the half day and came in around noon. I'm hospital based right now so I have a lot of flexibility as my patients aren't really going anywhere!!

From the front of the store- head down K (I think?) and at the middle aisle go down JJ. I am the second or third booth on the right. It is a 4x8 space and there's a large Ivy's Vintage Attic sign hanging up on the back wall. You'll have to let me know when you visit!! :)
Danavee said…
I am pretty darn sure I know where you are! EEEEEKKK! FUN! I'll stop in tomorrow or Friday and check it out for sure!!!!

I totally wish I would have taken a day or morning. I have always wanted in the building, like you, to explore the other floors!

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