Estate Sale Madness: Part Two

Two days later, I did return.  The store was still FULL of stuff but I was less overwhelmed and wasn't in a crunch for time as I had been on my previous visit.  I took my time and selected some vintage clothing and a plant stand on the first floor before going back up to my beloved dusty second floor.  There was a bag sale (!) on vintage clothing upstairs and I got 15 pieces for $10 for resale.  There was REALLY nice, old stuff but you had to dig to find it.  

During my digging, I talked to a young lady across the piles from me.  She asked me if I was a reseller and I explained that I did a bit of selling on Etsy and had a booth at Relics.  She told me that she shops at Relics and wondered if she had ever purchased from me. I explained my booth location and the large Ivy's Vintage Attic sign that is posted.  She knew what I was talking about immediately and told me that she has bought from my booth!  How exciting to meet a customer in person!!!  

Anyhoo, back to the digging.  As a child, my mom dragged me  had me accompany her through fabric departments in stores as she did a lot of sewing.  I thought it was boring at the time, but I spent a lot of time in my formative years feeling various fabrics.  Because of this, I can quickly feel through racks and piles and pull out silks and wools and taffetas easily.  It's a real time saver and has served me well as I go junkin'.  This skill helped during the digging process and I found several nice wool pieces to hoard sell.  I lost focus and couldn't handle any more digging, so I just went with the one $10 bag of clothing plus the few pieces I had found downstairs.

I also bought an aluminum tree ($20) and a working color wheel ($17) for me.  To keep.  I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS.  

All in all, I had a great time.  I've realized that some of my happiest times are when I'm digging through dusty, dirty piles of old junk.  I'm not sure what this says about me, but I choose to believe it is a positive thing!


Danavee said…
I shouldn't have read this.

So sad.

I really missed out.

However, I learned that you're at Relics TOO!!!!! I must find your booths!!! (I have two spots there also.)
It was awesome, but you know there will be other good sales!!! I am convinced that there are lots of vintage hoarded stashes in this city that just need to be sold!! ;) Where is your second booth?? I've seen your endcap which is awesome and I always want to buy everything when I visit it. But I sternly remind myself that I am here to SELL not BUY. Ha ha!
Danavee said…
HA! I do NOT bring my purse inside for that very reason!

The other spot is VERY close to my other space. It's the last booth on aisle D on the right side. It's NOT staged well at all! I have a metal shelfy thing holding afghans and an identifying feature.

And thanks!!!! The endcap is my baby.

I am NOW obsessed with finding your spot, although, I'm PRETTY SURE I go through your vintage clothing whenever I have time to look around.
Yay, I will check it out!!! I have a bigger clothes rack to bring in but not sure how I am going to squeeze it all in!!

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