Frugal DIY Gift Ideas (That People Might Actually Want)

All right, kids!  It's almost that time of year, so if you have any pie-in-the-sky plans to make Christmas gifts, you'd better make plans to actually get things done!  I think we have all had enough of lighted potpourri jars and crocheted tissue box holders, am I right??  I have put together a list for you of some links that I have hoarded collected over the past few years of DIY gift ideas that I think people will actually like receiving.  The skill level on most of these is beginner and the cost for each is quite low. 

*A note on the chocolate chip cookies and the homemade Oreos- they are both really, really good and worth your time if you're into food gifts.

Christmas Themed:

Melted Crayon Ornaments

Retro Fabric Christmas Lights

Anthropologie Inspired Christmas Jars

Twig Star Ornaments


Monogram Mugs

Enamel Painted Vases

T-shirt Headband

Felt Flower Pins

Easy Produce Bag

Bird Nest Necklace

Carte Postale Zippered Pouch

How to Make a Simple Reversible Tote Bag

T-shirt Necklace

For Kids:

Denim Wallet for Boys

Jeans Cuff Wallet

DIY Ideas for Younger Kids

Magnetic Paper Dolls

229 Free Stuffed Animal Patterns

Little Kiddles Printable Paper Dolls

40 Awesome Gifts to Make for Boys

Make Your Own Geoboard


Homemade Oreos

Pumpkin Bread

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Oreo Truffles


Marina said…
Great ideas! Christmas is coming, I better start preparing!

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