Sick Sick Sick and Another DIY Gift Idea

I have been SUPER sick since Wednesday night with fever and respiratory junk.  I'm slowly getting better- fever's gone anyway.  The rest of the recovery is going more slowly than I would like.  I am not a good sick person and have been pretty cranky and miserable.  I do hope to get some posts and pictures up as promised this week. 

I haven't been able to do much but lie in bed and cruise the internet, so I found another couple of links for DIY gift ideas.  I love the look of brooch necklaces, but they are sooooo expensive!!!  Here are two variations on how to make them- with chain or with ribbon.  I think these would be a popular DIY gift and potentially inexpensive. 

See you soon.


Danavee said…
BOOOOO to being sick. I hope you are completely well now. I know something has been going around school. YUCK!
Thanks, Danavee!!! I am (finally) feeling better after getting some medication but it has been slow-going. I can't remember the last time I've been this sick!!! Spray down those kiddos at school with Lysol!! Ha ha!! ;)
Danavee said…
We Clorox wipe our desks ALL THE TIME! I have a MONSTER bottle of Germ-x..........and I'm a hand-washing NUT!!!!!!!!

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