Some Shrink-y Encouragement for Your Monday

I like for my house to be clean.

Very clean.  I have some near diagnosable obsessive compulsive traits which tend to manifest as wanting things to be clean and organized.  A few years ago I made myself miserable scrubbing my house every weekend.  I've since gotten much better about NOT doing that and allowing a normal amount of dirt and laundry piles.  But then something happened earlier this year.  Something terrible.

My dishwasher quit working.

I never realized how much I depended on the stupid thing until it didn't work anymore.  I decided not to replace it (yet) because I needed to make other financial goals a priority after my year of underemployment.  But the dishes started piling up.  And piling up.  Filling up both rather long kitchen counters. On multiple occasions.  To the point where my poor, dear mother dispatched herself to my house twice to wash my dishes.  TWICE, people! 

Now, I am 31 years old.   I consider myself to be a fairly competent person. I'm a psychologist and work in a hospital with people who have experienced strokes, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burns, amputations, and all kinds of other traumatic and significant medical events.  And yet...I couldn't handle something as simple as my dishes.  On more than one occasion.

I say this to remind you that things are not always what they seem, and that everyone has struggles- sometimes with insignificant things like dishes and sometimes with much bigger issues- abuse, broken relationships, career failures, medical scares, and on and on.  I don't ever want you to think that I have it all together, and you need to know that NO ONE does.  Did I post pictures of my hideous dish situation on Facebook?  Of course not.  All you see on there are carefully chosen photos designed to project a certain image.   As you go into your work week, remember that we all have problems big and small and no one's life is ever what it seems.  And wherever you're at is okay. 

For the record, I washed my dishes tonight.  And I'm going dishwasher shopping this week.  Baby steps. 


Tammy said…
I was just marveling once again this week, how the projected images of people are rarely what the reality is. We all have our problems--some worse than others, but it is a good reminder no matter how much you think everyone else has it 'all together' they usually don't!

Now. You CAN survive without that dishwasher. :-) I actually enjoy washing up (sometimes) but I also don't allow anything to escape the sink. Pots and pans go to soaking immediately and I pile all the rest of the days dishes into the one side of the sink. I only wash them at night. I like to eat off 'real plates' etc. so it can get full, but takes less than ten minutes to wash. I know, I know...if it were that easy in your mind you'd do it. :-)

Have fun shopping!
haCINDYk said…
Your transparency is why I enjoy reading your blog.
haCINDYk said…
Your transparency is why I enjoy reading your blog.
Auntie- Excellent system you have! I wish I were more dedicated. ;)

haCINDYk- Thank you! It's tough to be transparent but I find I enjoy blogs much more when the authors are "real" about things. :)
Ms Hen's said…
Great Blog..

I'm an empty nester now and my dishwasher broke..

I do not mind.. since just me most of the time..

I do use the dishwasher to store wet dishes.. it is great having two shelves to put wet dishes and they air-dry with the door open..

(then long ago with one small wet dish holders to hold everything.. and trying to fit pots and all).

I can do the dishes and pots faster now since I have a place quickly to put them when they are washed and still wet (than pausing to dry some to make room for more).

Even though I live alone some meals require two pots and a bowl; dish; cup etc..
Danavee said…
Washing the dishes is the WORST.CHORE.EVER!

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