Booth Update: Vintage Christmas!!!

Last Sunday, I finally was able to update my antique store booth with some vintage Christmas merchandise!!  Here are a few photos of the merchandise spread out on my kitchen table.  Being a reseller means never having a totally clean house.  Ha ha!!

                                                               Vintage wreaths

                         Terrifying Santa- that is my description on the price tag.  HA!!

       See what I mean??  What's up with that tongue?!?   And those are some shifty eyes, Santa.

                       Miscellaneous vintage Christmas- ornaments, tree toppers, etc.

There is a TON of vintage Christmas at Relics if you're in the market to buy.  I just have a small amount in my booth but am hoping that most of it will sell during this season so that I don't have to haul it home in January.


Danavee said…
I stalk your booth regularly now! ;) Next time I drop in, I'll go check out your Christmas goodies!
Yay, Danavee!!! I stalk yours, too!! ;) Please know that I do NOT leave it looking like a total disaster- gonna have to blame that one on the customers. ;)
Danavee said…
HA! I am going tonight to "restage" as it's ALWAYS moved around, which is good! But I don't understand not putting something back (like folding an afghan) the way you found it!?!

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