Merchandise for my booth- the bottles and one of the turkeys are sold!

I've been...

* Trying to catch up from being sick for over a week.  Funny how the house seems to EXPLODE during these times!  I'm still not caught up.

* Working on organizing my Christmas gift list and doing a bit of gift shopping.

* Enjoying reading thrifted books and free Kindle books.

* Working on making exercise a habit again.  I'm on day two of Turbo Fire and sweet sassy molassy IT HURTS SO MUCH.  But I kinda love it, too.

* Taking a good hard look at my car savings goal and the work that I need to do to reach my goal in 10 months.  I'll update on this soon.

* Eating these delicious sandwiches.

* Working on tagging Christmas merchandise for my antique mall booth.  I had hoped to already have this in the booth but got derailed by being sick.  I'm planning on spending an hour or two rearranging things on Friday.

* Going to bed early because the exercise is wearing me out!!!


Danavee said…
I am working at Relics today!!!!!!

Have you opted in for those sales emails? I did, and I LOVE IT! It's fun to get a little notification telling what sold!!!
I didn't make it in yesterday but HAVE to sometime this weekend!!! I'm sure my booth is a total train wreck. :( I did opt in- what a cool service!! I do love seeing what's selling but I'm sad on the days I don't get an email. LOL

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