A Different Ebay Selling Strategy

As much as I whine and moan about Ebay, there's a time and a place for it...namely when I am decluttering items that will bring in a decent amount of money.  I recently sold ~$160 worth of stuff on there- mostly protein powder and exercise DVDs, of all things!  

In making my listings, I decided to NOT set up anything as an auction but to make all of my listings exclusively Buy It Now and to include free shipping for most items.  This was massively successful and I quickly sold all everything.  It had occurred to me that I only look at Buy It Now listings nowadays, so I wondered if others were doing the same thing.

I have a few more pricey items to sell in January, so I'm going to set up the Buy It Now listings again to see if I am as successful a second time.  If you have things to sell, give it a try!!


Lisa said…
This is a good strategy! They keeping having "free listing" days on ebay, I really want to take advantage of these to declutter. I always check buy it now rather than auctions as a buyer because I've been burned too many times losing out on some Aerosmith tshirt at the last minute, I'd pay more to just HAVE it.
Agreed!! I don't have the patience for the auctions anymore!
Danavee said…
This is interesting!!!!!!!! I've been considering putting a few things on, so this advice is great!

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