Debt Update- December 2013

Time to revisit the Frugal Shrink's financial picture!  I started my current job partway through 2013, and managed to make some headway in savings and debt repayment.  I was underemployed in 2012 (but very happy!) so there was quite a lot that I needed to catch up on financially.  My debts at this time are student loans and mortgage only.  I do not carry a credit card balance and don't have a car loan.

Student Loans: 
 $5290 @ 2.35%
$38,998 @ 1.62%
$31,082 @ .1% (I love this number!)
I know that 75K is a lot of money to have outstanding for student loans, but with my crazy low interest rates they don't worry me like they used to.  Also remember that I graduated with my doctorate and $146K in student loans in 2008. 

$102,998 @ 5%
I have a great little house that is ten years old and quite energy efficient.  No major worries with the mortgage.
I managed to sock away ~$2500 in savings and ~$4000 in retirement funds.  I started with 6% savings for retirement (enough to get the match) and have since amped it up to 12%.  I may drop this to 10% in 2014 or may keep it the same.

Goals for 2014 will be forthcoming in another post.


Van said…
Inspiring to look at your numbers! I'll be working hard to earn more and save this year and will definitely be stopping by your blog for inspiration.

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