Frugal Happenings and a Non Frugal Happening

* I received a $100 check from my side-job as a Christmas gift.  They did this last year, too, which I think is so nice!! 

* Also received my usual check from the side-job and submitted an invoice for another check.  It's kind of a never ending cycle, but a happy one that results in checks!  

* Had a free lunch at work.  Will also have a free work Christmas party tomorrow night, weather permitting.

* Went Christmas shopping with my friend and her baby, largely to help wrangle the (adorable/ perfect/ brilliant/ feisty) baby.  I was impressed with how my friend had a very clear plan for shopping, stuck to her list, and used two coupons for the gifts that saved her more than $20.  She also bought me a very pretty OPI nail polish and lunch.  I spent nothing.

* Received two books from Paperback Swap.

* Received three (!!!) $10 off any purchase coupons from LL Bean on the back of catalogs (always glance through your junk mail!).  Shipping is free right now.  I bought a t-shirt for my brother for Christmas with one (paid $7 after coupon), and ordered two free water bottles and a free knit hat with the other two.  

* I plucked my eyebrows, dyed my hair, gave myself a chemical peel, bleached my teeth, and trimmed my bangs.  Will also give myself a pedicure this weekend.  Doing this stuff myself saves me thousands each year.  The chemical peels alone would be a minimum of $150 each, and taking a DIY approach means they only cost about $6 each.  Seriously.

* Found a cheaper source for my daily sunscreen (face).

And a non-frugal happening:

* I was faced with a mountain of gifts and no gift bags due to how cheap frugal I am- I remember that the gift bags weren't as cheap as I wanted in the after-Christmas sale last year.  The frugal thing would've been to use wrapping paper that I already had, but I took my happy self on over to the dollar store (Deals) and bought 30 gift bags and boxes for $20.  I bought some pretty silver bags, ten two-packs of white bags with handles, and four large boxes.  SO HAPPY that I did this!!  May not have been the frugal decision, but it was the right decision for my mental health.   ;) 


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