A Nice Frugal Evening

This evening I...

* Ate (a delicious) dinner at home.

* Transferred $750 to savings for the car fund.  This was from my side job, the clothing consignment shop, and...I can't remember where the third check was from.  Hmm.

* Downloaded a free book to my Kindle.

* Printed a coupon for a free bagel from Einstein Bros which is good for tomorrow.  I may or may not use it since I have an early morning meeting and have a rough time getting around in the morning as it is.

* Received an email from a company telling me they were sending me a coupon for a free product of my choice!!  I had emailed them yesterday to say how much I like and use said product.  

* Received a free $20 gift card from L.L. Bean!!!  As I previously mentioned, they sent me three $10 off any purchase codes in November and December.  I used them to get a shirt for my brother (paid $6 after coupon), two water bottles (free after coupon) and a knit hat (free after coupon).  The $20 gift card was an apology for my order not arriving in time for Christmas...um, it wasn't actually a Christmas gift.  I'll take it, though!!!  Very excited!!


Tom said…
Love these! I am a bit jealous of all the freebies you're getting from LLB. I shop there all the time and don't get anything like this.

I really need to keep track of all my frugal moments. As you say, they really add up.
Thanks, Tom! I have no idea what is prompting LL Bean to send me all of the coupon codes- the $10 off codes were (in small print) on three separate catalogs around Christmas time. Yes, I strongly recommend tracking these small bits- the big gains take forever to get to so it's nice to see progress along the way!! :)
Frugal Scholar said…
OOPS! Tom--above--is only me, Frugalscholar. And I DO need to keep track of all my frugal moments.

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