Check Those Receipts!

And not just for pricing errors, although that's important, too!!

I read the fine print on every piece of mail and receipt that passes through my hands.  Probably more because I'm obsessive than frugal, if I'm being honest.  BUT.  My obsessive ways often save me money.  Have you noticed that receipts are often printed with a website where you can take a customer feedback survey?  They aren't worth my while if they're just a contest entry or something similar, but I will certainly fill them out if they are a $ off a purchase coupon or if I can get fuel points for doing so.  

I don't often spend enough money at Dillon's (Kroger) to get the fuel rewards (usually .10 off per gallon) but these surveys put give me enough points so that I do qualify for the discount.  Just filled one out tonight that will give me a discount on fuel next time I'm at the store.

Little bits add up, so keep those eyes open!  Or become more obsessive.  Either way. 


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