Dollar Tree Tales

I went to visit the Dollar Tree today to look at their Valentine's Day supplies.  For the record, I bought Valentine's cards for my niece and nephews (2/$1), a package of stickers to decorate the cards, faux OxyClean, a bottle of Coconut shampoo, lime juice, peanut M&Ms, and two pairs of socks with cutesy heart patterns on them.  For me.  I'm not even sorry about it.

While at the store, I did a bit of people watching.  Any shrink who tells you they're not at least a little bit of a voyeur is a lying liar.  That's at least half of why we get in the biz in the first place.  Anyhoo, a couple of people/ money stories:

The senior lady (80+) in front of me purchased ten of the .50 greeting cards and a package of corn muffin mix for a total of $6.43.  She paid cash.  I love talking about money with and snooping on the purchases of those aged 70+.  I feel that they have a level of frugality that just isn't present in any of the following generations, and I'm always learning something from them. 

Two younger ladies behind me (in their 20s) had a small cart full.  I overheard them debating items and whether or not they were a good deal.  Young Lady #1 asked Young Lady #2 if she wanted to buy an item (not a Dollar Tree item) and #2 responded, "I'll have to wait until I get paid tomorrow and see how much I get.  Gotta pay bills first."

Snooping on money talk is always so interesting!!!


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