I'm Not Sure Why My Embarrassing Moments Have to Be in Front of People...

...but they always are.  Like today when I took out the entire windshield washer fluid display at the gas station with the front of my car while trying to get my car in a lane to get gas.  It was a whole scene of plastic shelf tipping over and bottles rolling everywhere.  Thankfully it was a small display and none of bottles burst open or rolled too far away.  The guy getting gas in the lane next to me was REALLY nice and reassuring as he helped me reset the display, "It practically jumped out at you!"  No sir, it did not, but thank you for being kind.  I really needed to BUY some washer fluid but was too humiliated after my little display so I finished getting gas and drove on to the next station near home to get it.

I did save .10 per gallon, though, so it wasn't all a loss!!! 


Danavee said…
Thank you for the chuckle. I'm glad there was a nice bystander to help out.
I'm always good for a laugh, Danavee!!! ;)

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