Thrifted Suit Jacket and New Head Shots

I had new head shots taken at work today.  Nay, fair reader, I am not a model.  But when you are a provider in the world of healthcare, you generally have head shots taken so that they can be put on the website and used for various marketing materials.  No one prepares you for this in grad school. 

I had new head shots taken today because I am vain  I wanted my patients to not be terrified if they should Google me  I feel that I actually have a neck and separate chin, not a combination of both okay, okay I had them retaken because I am vain and didn't like my last pics.  They were really, really bad.  Not the photographer's fault- he is quite good.  But I looked stressed.  And mildly constipated.  And I'm really not sure what was happening with my bangs, but it WAS NOT GOOD and approximated a comb over.  So anyway, the photographer redid the photos today and let me preview them on his camera and they are thankfully much, much better.  

I realized that the top and suit jacket I wore for these photos were both thrifted for a grand total of $3.50.  I also wore some lovely Brooks Brothers faux pearl/ rhinestone earrings which, along with a necklace, cost about $5 after coupons several years ago.  I tried to take pictures for you, dear internets, but was thwarted yet again with dead camera batteries. 


Danavee said…
HA! Thanks for the chuckle! Your description sounds much like my yearly school photo!
Danavee- Glad to hear I'm not alone!!

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