I'm Still Not Dead

But I'm watching you...ha ha ha!!!

The Frugal Shrink is in a funk, friends.  This winter has been TOO LONG and TOO COLD and I am a whiny baby.  Little motivation + lots of procrastination= no blog posts.  I'm heading to acupuncture on Friday for a variety of reasons, but I'm mostly hoping that I will just feel better in general.

Be back soon.


Danavee said…
I walk to your booth almost every time I'm at Relics to see if you are there. HA! Stalker!

I love the sign in your booth! Where was that made?!
Danavee- I look at yours frequently, too!!! Ha ha!!! ;) The sign was done at Staples, believe it or not. You can design and order it online and pick up in store. I think it was in the $30 range. They have different sizes and price ranges. It is very sturdy and I was pleased with how nice it looks!
Frugal Scholar said…
Looking forward to your return. The weather has turned spring-like here and my mood has improved.

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