The Frugal Shrink Decorates- Living Room Tour

I found some random photos of my living room on my computer, so I thought I'd share them with you, dear reader.  My decorating style is best described as eclectic, and I much prefer items that are both old and don't cost a lot.  Such a surprise, I know!!

Vintage art.  Can't recall a price on the top, middle is a paint by number that was $3, and the bottom is a print that was $1 at an estate sale.

Who doesn't have a duck hanging by the front door??  It was $1.50 at a thrift store and I bought it right when I moved into my house.  I also whack my head on it accidentally all. the. time.

Vintage framed print, record player (gift), table (gift), records (all $1 or less) and a vintage ottoman that was $30 at A Cricket in the House.

Vintage brocade chairs $20 each (!!!), cedar chest $5 at a yard sale and painted with free paint, rug was $20ish at Lowe's, storage cubes were free (thanks, Mom!).  How do you like my tube T.V.???  It works well and I see no reason to upgrade until it dies.

A better shot of one of the chairs.  The embroidered pillow was $5 or $6 at a flea market.  The chairs are just now starting to show wear.  I'm planning on having them recovered in green leather.  It won't be cheap, but I bet they will be gorgeous.  Someday soon.

Clock was a gift, Happiness print was $20 during a Hobby Lobby sale.

The couch is not vintage.  It was purchased new for around $500 during the last time I received a tax refund.  RIP tax refunds- may we meet again someday.  It is extremely comfortable.  I find vintage couches to be too low to the ground and difficult to rise from (I'm 5'8" with bad knees).  My mom made the afghan (thanks, Mom, again!) and the leaf print pillow was $7 on clearance at Target.  I have some gorgeous flowered fabric that I intend to make throw pillows from and will get rid of the factory pillows.

This wooden stool sits to the left of the couch.  Not frugal at all, it was $50 at Marshalls.  I LOVE it, though.  It is quite heavy.

To the right of the couch.  Vintage table a hand me down also from my mom, ceramic bowl was $2ish at a thrift store, coasters were .10 at a yard sale, shoe form was a gift, vintage lamp was $30 also from A Cricket in the House.  The arm you see to the right is my recumbent bike.  Not very decor-friendly, but if it's near the television I'm much more likely to use it.

Vintage metal curtain tie-backs!!  I think I paid ~$8 for the pair.  The curtains were made by my mom (I evidently have her to thank for a bunch of stuff!).

And finally, the book nook.  This is technically in the dining area but I thought I'd show you anyway.  

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of my decor.  Happy Monday!


Liz said…
Nice!! Thanks for sharing!
Tom said…
I too remember where everything I own came from and what it cost. Crazy.

Love your beautiful space--I'd like to sit in one of your chairs.
Frugal Scholar said…
EEK--Once again, I commented while my husband's gmail account was open! The comment above si from meeeeeee.
Liz- thank you for reading!
FS- I knew it was you!! ;) Thank you for the kind words about my space!
Danavee said…
I LOVE ALL THE VINTAGE ART!!!!! I want to transplant that wall right into my house! Love those tufted chairs. Love that lamp too! LOVE THE METAL TIE BACKS! CUTE HOUSE!!!!
Thanks, Danavee!!! The art is by far my favorite part of my decor. I just keep hoarding it and am running out of wall space! ;)
Danavee said…
Well, feel free to price whatever you don't have room for and just hide it in my booth for me to find and buy! ;)
Chrissie said…
Love the chairs! And the lamp! And the art! Thanks for the peek into your home.

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